Meet Pet Defence® – Luxury Carpet Underlay Designed For The Four-Legged Members Of Your Family

Meet Pet Defence® – Luxury Carpet Underlay Designed For The Four-Legged Members Of Your Family

Today we are pleased to announce the release of our newest Australian made foam underlay – Pet Defence®. In this piece we’ll be exploring what makes Pet Defence® such an exciting addition to our range, as well as how it can provide benefits within the home.

What Is Pet Defence®?

Pet Defence® is part of our luxury carpet underlay line and is designed specifically for those with four-legged family members in the home. Featuring a breathable moisture barrier designed to help prevent pet accidents from causing lingering issues, Pet Defence® can also help to reduce stains and odours (as when these stick around or reappear it’s usually from the offending liquid making its way to the subfloor) and is hypoallergenic making it an ideal choice on all fronts.

What Are The Specs?

Pet Defence® is a 10mm thick luxury foam underlay. It has a density of 100kg/m³, R rating of (m²K/W): 0.24 and W.S.I. noise level of [LnT,w] (dB): 33*. For further specification information, please click here to access the spec sheet for Pet Defence®.

What Benefits Does Pet Defence® Offer?

Our Pet Defence® underlay offers nine key benefits:

Makes Cleaning Up Pet Messes Much Easier

Because the breathable moisture barrier stops accidents and messes from seeping through the carpet and underlay to the subfloor, cleaning up becomes far easier than it would be with a standard underlay. While you will still need to ensure that you clean any messes thoroughly, they will be mostly contained to the surface layer of your floor as long as your Pet Defence® underlay is properly installed.


Is Hypoallergenic And Kind To Those Who Suffer From Asthma And Allergies

Helping people create healthier internal environments is always a worthy goal, so in the process of creating our new Pet Defence® underlay, we ensured that it is both hypoallergenic, and asthma and allergy friendly. While this won’t suddenly cure any allergies or asthma symptoms that those who live within the house suffer from, it does mean that your new underlay won’t make these issues worse, something that is particularly important in households with pets.

Reduces Stains And Odours

As noted above, Pet Defence®’s unique design helps reduce the instances of staining in your carpet and minimises odours within the home. When a pet has an accident on a carpet which has a standard underlay installed beneath it, their urine can soak through the carpet, underlay and subfloor. This leads to stains and lingering odours, with issues sometimes re-arising, even after everything has been cleaned and the initial issue has been dealt with. Pet Defence® helps to prevent this thanks to the inbuilt breathable moisture barrier. This barrier stops accidents from being able to seep through, therefore greatly reducing the instances of ongoing problems.

Helps Carpet Feel Soft And Plush Underfoot

Pet Defence®’s 10mm thickness and 100kg/m³ work to enhance the comfort of your carpet underfoot and contribute to that plush feeling that you love so much when you dig your toes into your floors.

Reduces Noise Transmission In The Home

Noise pollution within the home can cause significant health issues, so any steps that can be taken to reduce undesirable sounds within the home are good ones. Although Pet Defence® is created to combat specific issues that arise when you have four legged family members within the home, it also offers acoustic benefits, making it a multipurpose underlay.

Made Right Here In Dandenong

Because we produce Pet Defence® right here in Dandenong, Victoria, you can rest assured that your new foam underlay is produced to strict quality standards.

Features A Lifetime Guarantee

Like all Airstep Australia domestic underlays, Pet Defence® carries a Lifetime Guarantee for added peace of mind.

Is Compatible With Underfloor Heating

Finally, for those who want an extra warm and cosy home, you will be pleased to know that in addition to offering thermal properties, Pet Defence® is compatible with underfloor heating for that extra luxurious feeling.


If you would like to install Pet Defence® within your home, let your chosen carpet retailer know when you’re making your purchase, and they’ll be able to handle the rest.