Introducing Our New Commercial Underlays

Introducing Our New Commercial Underlays

As we move into 2024, Airstep Australia are pleased to announce the addition of five new commercial underlays to our range. These new additions – inclusive of two foam underlays and three latex rubber underlays – include the best commercial dual bond underlay in the Australian market, and assist in completing our good, better, best product offerings.

New Commercial Foam Underlays

Our two new commercial foam underlays are StepBond 5 and StepBond 7. Both options are asthma and allergy friendly and compatible with underfloor heating.

StepBond 5

Designed to provide an upgraded alternative to our existing Dura Bond commercial foam underlay, StepBond 5 features an improved top side laminate for a smoother finish. Dura Bond is still available for those who simply want the job done right, but if you’re looking to further enhance comfort within your space, we suggest the installation of StepBond 5. This product is rated for heavy commercial use and features a 5mm thickness.

StepBond 7

Classed as a luxury underlay but suitable for commercial use, StepBond 7 is a plush, 7mm thick underlay that can be installed in most business premises. We suggest using this foam underlay in places where you need things to have a more upmarket feeling.

New Commercial Rubber Underlays

We are also pleased to announce the addition of three new rubber latex commercial underlays to our range.

CushionBac 340

Featuring a 3.4mm thick construction, CushionBac 340 is the only product that we recommend and warrant for under carpet tiles. CushionBac 340 is a general commercial underlay suitable for installation in a range of business environments.

Bounce 470

We might be slightly biased given it’s our product, but we believe that Bounce 470 is the best dual bond commercial underlay in the Australian market. With a 4.7mm thickness, this latex rubber commercial underlay is rated for heavy commercial use and can be installed pretty much anywhere you need it to be.

Bounce 650

Those looking for a rubber latex commercial underlay that prioritises comfort will find that Bounce 650 is the ideal choice for their project. Offering a 6.5mm thick construction, this heavy commercial rated underlay is a thicker dual bond which is recommended for use in more luxurious commercial settings such as boardrooms.

Commercial underlays for any project

As a proud Australian underlay manufacturer and distributor Airstep is pleased to be able to offer commercial underlay to suit any project that you may be undertaking. If you would like advice on selecting the right commercial underlay for your needs, please contact your Account Manager or reach out to