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We have scientifically tested our carpet underlay to ensure it performs according to the strict guidelines of the Australian standards. Amongst other things, it is tested for loss of thickness after static and dynamic loading, thickness deviation, deflection, work of compression, and resistance to breaking and cracking. In this way, we constantly ensure improved carpet performance and more comfortable results for our customers.


Increase the life of your carpet

Impressions count. Tests show that Airstep carpet underlay will extend the life of your carpet and reduce loss of pile height. Using Airstep underlay ensures your carpet maximises its performance.


Choose better performance

By using carpet and Airstep underlay in tandem, your floor covering can better absorb impact. This means your carpets will look incredible and feel even better, well into the future, and you will achieve a great cost saving. Furthermore, the thermal and acoustic properties provide added benefits for daily life.


Feel comfortable for years to come

Airstep underlay is guaranteed for the life of the carpet, still the strongest underlay warranty in Australia.

Explore our range and when you are ready to choose underlay for your project, make Airstep your first step.

Image extracted from our archives of our manufacturing facility from over 40 years ago.

Airstep carpet underlays are the best choice you can make. Aside from being Australian made and environmentally friendly, there are many reasons to choose Airstep. Here are just a few:


Airstep carpet underlay is suitable for all types of carpet and floor types, including heated slabs.


We guarantee the performance for the life of your carpet.


Airstep carpet underlay is of exceptional quality, and meets stringent Standards Australia AS 4288-2003 guidelines.


Installing Airstep carpet undelay means your carpet will be more wear-resistant over time.


A carpet with Airstep carpet underlay will hide small surface irregularities in your floor, so you save money on floor preparation.


Underlay reduces lifecycle costs as a direct result of improving carpet, installation and maintenance performance.


Improves the thermal insulation properties of your carpet.


Improves the acoustics in your home or office resulting in significant noise reduction.


Reduces loss of pile height and makes your carpet seem thicker and more luxurious.

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