Pet Defence®

In addition to the standard benefits of Airstep Underlay, Pet Defence® helps protect the subfloor from pets’ accidents and general spills, assists in reducing pet odour in the home, works to prevent the reappearance of marks and stains and can help prevent the growth of mould and mildew. It is also hypoallergenic and has a built in breathable moisture barrier.


CODE: 24128

GRADE: Luxury




WEIGHT: 22.9kg

WIDTH: 1.8m

THICK: 10mm

W.S.I. NOISE LEVEL [LnT,w] (dB): 33*

R RATING (m²K/W): 0.24

Pet Defence® is a luxury underlay which features a hypoallergenic construction and is 100% recyclable. Featuring a breathable moisture barrier designed to make cleaning up pet accidents easier, Pet Defence® can also help reduce staining and odours making it the ideal underlay for those with four-legged family members.

Top Three Benefits of Pet Defence® Luxury Foam Carpet Underlay For Those With Four-Legged Family Members:

Assists in reducing pet odours in the home

Thanks to the inbuilt breathable moisture barrier, our Pet Defence® Underlay can also assist in reducing pet odours within the home. As noted above, Pet Defence® stops pet accidents from seeping through your carpet into the underlay and subfloor making clean up easier. In turn, this reduces odours within the home, as you are able to remove more of the mess so undesirable scents will be less likely to linger in your space.

Helps prevents staining and the reappearance of marks

One of the main ways that carpet ends up stained is from spills rising back up from your subfloor once you have already cleaned the area. By preventing spills from getting to the subfloor in the first place Pet Defence® works to reduce the instances of staining.

Creates a healthier indoor environment

In addition to making it easier to keep your carpets clean, Pet Defence® is hypoallergenic. This means that it assists in creating a healthier interior environment on multiple fronts by reducing allergens and irritants in the space, as well as making your room quieter – another important aspect in building a healthy home.

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