Carpet Underlay Benefits: Enhanced Underfoot Comfort

There are two main reasons why people choose carpet as their preferred floorcovering – that soft feeling underfoot and the warmth that this type of flooring can provide in comparison to other options. In most cases, however, you’ll get the best out of these benefits by considering your flooring system as a whole, as in certain instances, they are provided more so by the underlay than the carpet.

Making your floor feel softer underfoot

While your carpet will certainly be the deciding factor in the texture that you feel between your toes when wandering around your home, it is the underlay that you select that will complete your space and help everything feel softer and nicer. Even the thickest, most plush carpet on the market would be nowhere near as soft underfoot as expected without the installation of underlay beneath it, and that would be quite disappointing. For those seeking ultimate comfort, we suggest selecting one of our luxury underlays, however, our standard residential options will still make things feel more comfortable underfoot.

Preventing frozen feet in Winter

While it is true that carpet will always be warmer underfoot than other flooring options – especially tiles – the part of your flooring system that stops the cold rising up from your subfloor is actually your underlay. Think of this high-density foam layer as a barrier against invading elements, with thermal properties built into all Airstep Australia products. This means that even on the coldest Winter days, you won’t experience that icy jolt that shoots through your body when you swing your feet out of bed onto a freezing floor. It is also worth noting that thermally rated underlay can help improve the energy efficiency of your home, therefore making it kinder to the environment and your back pocket.

These two factors are incredibly important when it comes to determining how comfortable a floor will feel underfoot, so they should be considered priorities when making your selection. We suggest making use of our walk boards which can be found in retailers to help you make your final decision. Staff will happily allow you to place a sample of your chosen carpet over our underlay so you can feel just how big of a difference it makes.